Sunday, March 5, 2017

Travel Easy with Wander Wet Bags

So life with three kids is no joke. Just when I was adjusting to two.... no, scratch that. I'm not sure I fully adjusted to two kids before having our third baby (our "surprise" when Luke was just 5 months old). Life with two children under three was enough cray-cray for this mama -- and then we added yet another little one to our tribe. Please don't misunderstand me, we are SO thankful little Penelope is here, it's just CRAZY... in the most exhausting, messy, and beautiful way. Three kids UNDER three. One more week before my oldest turns three.  It's so wonderful and yet so overwhelming.

I have realized that what will help us most during this stage is to find strategies to manage the chaos. Prepping meals ahead of time and in bulk, packing the diaper and preschool bag ahead of time the night before, and getting up before the kids do so that I am not in reaction mode all day is key.  I have had to be more intentional about staying organized, cutting clutter, and creating systems that save time and thought process.
A close friend recently told me about Wander Wet Bags, a fashionable way to tote around your swimsuit for travel, swim, gym and the beach. They help keep wet and soiled goods from the rest of your luggage or items in your bag.  I'm in love with this chic black and white chevron pattern, Siren in Noir, that goes with everything!
These gorgeous bags are SO versatile and easy to pack wherever life leads you. They come in a variety of gorgeous fashionable prints and have a waterproof lining on the inside.  Especially handy at the beach, pool or gym to tote your wet swimsuit or workout clothes home.  If you are in the life stage with little ones in diapers, you'll love carrying a Wander Wet Bag in your diaper bag to hold the baby's soiled clothing (for ahem, spit up and diaper blowout moments).

Wander Wet Bags are machine washable and eco-friendly with a high quality, medium-weight 100% cotton fabric with a waterproof, food-grade safe PUL interior lining. They are made in the USA, locally here in Southern California.

Wander Wet Bags come in three sizes: small, medium (featured) and large.  You can see this featured pattern Siren in Noir on the website
Use code MALIAJAYNE for 20% off through March 15th.

Check out the website above and comment below with your favorite print!


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