Monday, November 21, 2016

Luke's 1st Birthday

At the end of this month, Luke will turn ONE. Goodness, where is the time going?  The milestones with the second child certainly do go faster than with the first child. Many of you know that I am expecting a third child this February, which came as a total shock.  In fact, I didn't even know I was pregnant for the first 10 weeks! We weren't quite prepared mentally to take on back-to-back kids... to have three kids under three when she arrives. After the initial surprise, I became excited about this new little life who would soon make her debut  - but I also didn't want to lose Luke's milestone of turning one in this busy time of working part-time, being tired and pregnant, and entertaining his outspoken older sister. This photo shoot was a time to slow down and document his life before his baby sister comes. 

We took Luke's first birthday photos this past week with the lovely Elyse Leedom. We headed over to Laguna Niguel Regional Park and brought a simple cake (or rather a giant cupcake) for Luke to dive into. He looked like a little man in his Levi jeans and plaid Carters shirt. He seemed to not mind the photo shoot very much, especially since (spoiler alert!) he was able to dive in and cover his face with cake.

And this is one of my favorite photos of him smashing the cake into his face! 

Seriously, this sweet boy! I love his laugh, curiosity, and feisty determination.
 Luke is teething pretty badly right now, but he still maintains a pretty good attitude. And we got this money shot right here:
I am beyond blessed and thankful for my family.

Sienna is very sweet with Luke and loves giving him hugs and kisses. She loves to make him laugh and smile. It's fun to see their relationship take form, as everyday they interact more and more with each other.
Little Luke and his four teeth!

 Sources: Luke's shoes are Pediped Footwear. Luke and Sienna are wearing clothing from Carters, GAP Kids and Levi's. My top is from Nordstrom. Andrew's shirt is Oakley. Cake and decoration from Ralph's Grocery.  Beautiful photos are by Elyse Leedom Photography.